Take your money. Flick a switch. Double it.

Bits is an easy way to take the money you have and multiply it. No long forms, no long approval process.

It’s an easy to use current account with credit superpowers built in.

Have £100? Double it to £200. Pay it back? Level up. Triple it to £300.

Real time superpowers for your money that grow bit by Bit.


The Bits model

The Bits model is secured borrowing.

£100 secured becomes £200, £200 secured becomes £400 and more.

Pay back on time, and your superpowers grow from 2:1 to 3:1 to 4:1 and beyond.

It’s simple. It’s fair. And it’s transparent.

Just give a bit, to get a Bit.


Bits is basic

Borrowing money with Bits is pretty easy. Put money in your free-to-use Pocket account.

Need more money? Superpower that Pocket money.

Just flick a switch.

Bits is privacy-first

We don’t sell your data to anyone.

We match your money with ours, so we don’t report anything back to any mystery third parties or agencies - unless you want to build your credit elsewhere, in which case you can.

It’s your data and you’re in control.


With Bits there’s no ‘black box’

Everyone starts with borrowing superpowers of 2:1 and a payback of 30 days. As you repay on time, your superpowers grow.

It’s all down to you.


Bits is 100% transparent

No weird charges. No complicated maths.

Just a single, low, predictable monthly fee.

Bits is an app

I mean of course it’s an app. It’s 2019.

Simple, secure, on your phone, on demand.

It’s exactly what you’d expect with no surprises.