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For the unstoppables

We’re not for everyone. We’re for the misfits, the unstoppables, the high achievers. We are different.

• Use our money to refinance, or whatever

• Up to £25,000 per person

• Free advice, business intros

• We eat our own dog food - we use Bits too


Join an elite crowd

Ivy league. Oxbridge. Top tech and city finance employees. High achievers.


No gimmicks

No surprises. If you’re accepted we’ll tell you, otherwise we’ll quickly give you feedback


Simple and easy

No long forms. No computers saying no. Just flick a switch, and money appears in your pocket ready to go


Safe and Secure

Regulated by the FCA and powered by MasterCard, Bits has all the protections you’d expect


We have £250,000 to invest - in talented people like you

We will be investing over £250,000 in people like you over the next few months. Here’s how it works:


Step One

Book a time to talk to us, and pitch yourself, your ideas or your vision


Step Two

We consider your pitch and ask a few follow-up questions

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Step Three

We invest in you - and the money you need arrives immediately


Who uses Bits

“Using it to refinance my credit card debt”

JS, Harvard College graduate, London


“I’m using Bits to refinance part of my student loans”

MK, top tech firm,


“I’m working on a startup, and use Bits to keep some flexibility in my finances”

JT, ex top finance firm, London