Make your
credit limit global.

Moving to a new country means you lose access to the credit that you built over many years. Bits gives you a local credit line and card that matches up to 100% your foreign credit card limits

• Use your foreign credit to access higher UK limits

• Superpower your UK credit score

• No currency fees, no transaction charges

• Supported countries: US, Canada and the EU

From £5 per month, with the first six months FREE


💵 Use your foreign credit limit to superpower your UK credit limit

Link your foreign credit card to Bits and access those credit limits in the UK with no currency fees or charges


💳 Build your UK credit score

We report your payment history with Bits locally, allowing you to superpower your new credit score


🏠 No UK address history needed

We look at your existing international credit worthiness, not on how long you’ve lived in the UK


🔐 Safe and Secure

Regulated by the FCA and powered by MasterCard, Bits has all the protections you’d expect


What people are saying about Bits


“I have a $25K credit limit with Chase but could only get a £2K limit when I moved to the UK. Bits gave me my US credit limit on a UK card”

💬 David, NY


“I linked my TD credit line to Bits and now I have a UK card with a high limit and no foreign transaction fees which has saved me a fortune”

💬 Alice, ON


“Having recently moved country I didn’t have the address history to apply for even a basic Credit Card. Bits gave me a card and useful limit instantly”

💬 Sammy, FR


“Going from a high limit card with a decent rate - to a shitty low limit card with a crazy high rate felt wrong. Bits sorted that out for me in days”

💬 Abi, SF


How Bits works

🔑 Step One

Apply for Bits and fill out your details - we’ll create your secure account

🔁 Step Two

We connect your foreign credit line to Bits with your permission

💸 Step Three

Get your Bits card and start spending like a local with no currency fees

🎉 Step Four

Pay back each month like a normal credit card, increase your credit score locally