Credit made human

Bits is a simple, straightforward way to get credit when you need it. No long forms, no computer saying no.
Just flick a switch and start spending

• Credit limits start at up to 4x the money you have

• Pay back monthly to earn higher limits

• Build your credit score

• No fees, no charges, no interest


💷 Superpower your credit limit

Get a credit limit that grows with you and your circumstances - up to 4x your account balance


💳 Build your credit score

Whether you're new to credit, or already active, Bits can help. We’re humans not robots.


🏠 No address history needed

We look at how likely you are to pay back what you owe, not on how long you’ve lived somewhere


🔐 Safe and Secure

Regulated by the FCA and powered by MasterCard, Bits has all the protections you’d expect


What people are saying about Bits


“Bits was so quick and easy to use - flick and switch and the money was there ready to use”

💬 Paul, London


“Being self employed, my credit limits have always seemed unfair. Now I can finally access the credit I need”

💬 Barbara, Manchester


“Having recently moved country I had income but no UK credit history. Bits gave me a card with a useful limit and I’m building my credit score”

💬 Sammy, NY


“Using the savings I have to access the money I need makes total sense. I can now keep my savings safe while making my day-to-day much easier”

💬 Dharmesh, Newcastle


How Bits works

🔑 Step One

Apply for Bits

🔁 Step Two

Add a deposit to create your credit limit

💸 Step Three

Get your Bits card and start spending

🎉 Step Four

Pay back and grow your limit and earn rewards