Bits is a simple, safe and secure place to make your money go further

No small print

No weird charges

No selling your data

Just money when you need
 it at the flick of a switch

  1. Fill your Pocket


Get that money. Fill your Pocket

Personalised ‘get paid’ links to put in your Instagram bio or group chat.

Everything you need to get that money, keep that money and superpower that money.


2. Superpower your Pocket

BIT .png

Just flick a switch

It’s a kinda magic. £100 becomes £200, £200 becomes £400, etc.

No surprises. No bullsh*t. We just match your money with our money.

No complicated maths. Just a single, low, predictable fee.


3. Take control


Your choice

Choose a date to pay back.

No stress. No anxiety. We’ll remind you before that date arrives.

Pay a something if you Superpower. Pay nothing if you don’t.