• Faisal Khalid

125 Ways to Boost (or Kill) your Credit Score

Updated: Jan 29

The way that credit scores are calculated is a big mystery to most people.

In fact, the ‘recipe’ is not available to anyone at all - except for the 600 or so institutions that are members of the credit bureaus.

Bits is one of the member of the Experian credit bureau, ‘CAIS’, and so we do know what the recipe is and what can and can not help you in improving your credit score.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of over 125 blog posts in which we analyse one by one the different sets of rules that determine your credit score, and hopefully in doing so, will give you some tips on how to get better.

Some of the insights we’ll share over the next few weeks will surprise you, but equally a lot of it is really just common sense. Things like:

  1. Don’t be desperate and apply for a lot of stuff,

  2. Don’t max out your OD and credit cards, and

  3. Whatever you do owe, make sure you pay it on time, every time.

Simple, right? 😂

Next up: we’ll take you through a couple of key concepts that credit scoring is built on, and from there we’ll get right into the 125 blog posts / rules of the game.

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