Give a bit, to get a Bit

Bits is a community of people who pool their money to enable fee-free borrowing for everyone

⚡️ Once you join the community, you can borrow fee free

⚡️ Everyone who uses Bits has to give a bit, to get a Bit

🎉 Choose what you pay. It could even be £0.

👏 This could change the world - if everyone does their bit, then no one will ever need to borrow from a bank ever again


👌 How does this work?

You download the app. You give a bit - a deposit, or friends vouching for you. And you get a Bit (cash). You do have to pay back, but there’s no interest or fees of any kind.

👍 How do I apply?

No application needed. Anyone with a UK bank account and age 18 or over can download and use Bits.

👏 How do you make money?

We rely solely on community donations. You can give whatever you want - including £0.

🤟 When is this launching?

Very soon! Soon as in September 2019. Sign up on our email list to be the first to find out.


Security and Privacy

⚡️ Security: we use 256 bit data encryption to keep your data secure at all times.

⚡️ Privacy: we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and don’t sell your data.

⚡️ Regulation: we are licensed as an E-money Agent, with FCA registration number 902176.