The world’s first borrowing service that actually increases your net worth.

⚡️ Put down a deposit. Borrow what you want.

⚡️ Earn shares in Bits as you pay back.

⚡️ No fees. No interest. No weird stuff. Tips welcome.

⚡️ Super easy to use and executed at lightning speed.


How does this work?

Download the app and get started. Once you’re done with signup, you can start borrowing.

You have to place a deposit in the app in order to borrow. The deposit will be held in a secure, regulated E-money account in your name and you can pull it out at any time you want.


How do I get shares in Bits?

When you join, you’ll get shares in Bits - unless you don’t want them. Over time, you can earn more shares by continuing to use Bits. The more you use the app, the more shares you earn.


How do you make money?

We rely on community donations for now. You can give whatever you want - including £0.


How much can I grow my net worth by?

This depends on how big the Bits community gets.

The more people join Bits, the more your shares will hopefully be worth.

Rather than throwing out an arbitrary number, we’ll update this space a bit later to show you how much your net worth might increase with Bits in a couple of different scenarios.


How much can I borrow?

There’s no hard and fast rules or limit. It’s whatever you need and think you can manage, really.


Bits is on a mission to make borrowing free.

⚡️ The single greatest problem with borrowing is fees. That’s what we solve for.

⚡️ We do this with a unique model and ethos - which is ‘give a bit, to get a Bit.’

⚡️ Everyone in Bits is a shareholder, and everyone is literally invested in their own future.

⚡️ If millions start using Bits, we’ll no longer need to borrow money ourselves, and can simply match deposits and loans, at little to no cost.