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We Look Out for Our Vulnerable Customers

We recognise that there are circumstances that may affect the way you handle your subscription, and at Bits we want to be able to provide the necessary support to be able to assist you fairly and appropriately.

We define someone as vulnerable if their circumstances, or their life situation, make them more likely to suffer and/or be financially or emotionally disadvantaged.

There are lots of things that could make you vulnerable, either temporarily or more long term, including, but not limited to:

  • getting into unmanageable debt

  • trouble with reading/writing

  • mental health problems

  • long term illness

  • unemployment

  • loss and bereavement

  • separation and divorce

We do our best to identify vulnerability in our new customers, and to help them in the most appropriate way. Every customer is different, and we try to take a flexible approach to work with each individual’s needs. If you tell us about your situation, we can help you by giving you more time to get your finances sorted, or by making your monthly payments more manageable.

Some of the actions we take to provide the best service for our vulnerable customers are:

  • giving extra details and clearer explanations when answering queries about Bits.

  • not assuming that a vulnerable customer will be ineligible to use Bits.

  • including an affordability check within our sign up process to help prevent potential customers getting into further unmanageable debt.

At any point, you can organise a one to one call with a senior member of staff to discuss whether the payment plan you are on is right for you.

Need expert advice?

If you have specific questions about your situation and would like expert financial advice, we can recommend some great, and free, online help. The charities below are all not-for-profit organisations, and have help on hand for you to confidentially and independently discuss what the right next step is for you.


Citizen’s Advice