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Build credit without a credit card.

A new way to build credit, without interest, and without a hard credit check.

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Credit, without the dangers of a credit card.

Hi! We’re Bits, and we’re here to help you build credit. We give you a line of credit, with no hard search. You can use this credit line to shop in our store. We’ll report your activity to the credit agencies — use it wisely, and it’ll help improve your score. However, not repaying on time will result in an adverse report to the credit agencies which may negatively impact your credit score.


Jumpstart your credit file

You can sign up right here — just scan the QR code and open your account.


Simplicity, unleashed.

That's what we do: seriously simple. An app that lets you build credit, and something new coming in the summer.

Instead of trying to tailor a singular experience for millions of users, like banks have tried to do for decades, with Bits, you're the tailor.

Get Bits

Like a credit card,
so unlike a credit card.

Credit cards do hard checks that may affect your score, and some even profit from those who struggle to pay back their debts. At Bits, we do things differently because we actually trust our customers.

We don’t conduct a hard credit search, and simply charge a monthly fee. No APR nonsense, no late fees, no hidden fees, nothing. It's why we have over 250,000 customers as a three year old startup.

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No late fees
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No hard checks
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250,000 customers
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Fixing your credit score, bit by bit.

There are hundreds of factors affecting your credit score, but Bits hits multiple key areas to help build your credit. If you trust us, we trust you.

Please note that building your credit score with Bits is subject to you making your payments on time to Bits and your other contractual commitments (e.g. your other credit commitments, utilities, mobile phone contract etc.)


Fixing earth's credit score, bit by bit.

Cutting it short: we’re a startup, and we’re always working on new initiatives.

Check back later.


Don't let big names fool you.

For the past 50 years, ever since credit has been mainstream, credit card companies have held the power to build your credit. You either accept their terms or you get stuck. Now, you have a way forward even if credit card companies say ‘no’.

Our Global Programme

We’re currently working on a global programme to give people in developing countries better access to financial products, which we hope to announce in the fall.

More soon

In case you missed anything.

The money that I pay Bits - do I get that back?
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No, you don’t get that back, as that is a fee for the credit building service we provide and is used to cover our costs.

How long will it take to appear on my credit file?
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Bits will usually take 6-8 weeks to appear on your credit file.

Is Bits Safe to use?
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Yes, absolutely!Bits is a member of Experian CAIS (registration number 11620703), Equifax Insight, TransUnion and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) (registration number ZA507202).

What is Bits?
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Bits is a credit building service. Use it if you are looking to build your credit score and history.

I have bad credit. Can I still use it?
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Yes, you can, but please know that Bits is not for everyone. There are a lot of circumstances in which you would be better off not applying for any new credit - including Bits. For example, if you have a recent CCJ, IVA, or bankruptcy; or if you are heavily indebted; or behind on bills; or generally struggling to make ends meet. You can always reach out to us discuss your circumstances in more detail via

How do I sign up?
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Please sign up using our mobile app or web app. We have apps in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, and you can find them by searching for ‘bits credit’.

Can I change my payment date?
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Yes, you can do it in the app. Click on ‘about my card’ and then ‘update payment date’.

Can I change my card?
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Yes, you can do this in the app too. Click on ‘about my card’ and then ‘update billing info’.

How do I see the score improvements?
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For Experian - use the Experian app.
For Equifax - use the ClearScore app.
For TransUnion - use the Credit Karma app.
For the fullest picture of your credit health, use all three!
We can't actually see your score - you're the only one who can see it and track it.

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Join Muriel (our office dog) and over 250,000+ members using Bits to build credit.