A new way to borrow

Bits is a community-driven approach to finance that’s simple, fair, and low cost

⚡️ Fair pricing. No interest or hidden fees.

⚡️ Community owned. You become a shareholder.

⚡️ Simple and easy. No long forms, no computer saying no.

⚡️ Built around an ethos of give a bit, to get a Bit.


👌 How does this work?

Download the app and create an account. To borrow, you need to put down a deposit first. You can choose how much.

👍 How do I apply?

No application needed. Anyone with a UK bank account and age 18 or over can download and use Bits.

👏 How do you make money?

We rely solely on community donations for now. You can give whatever you want - including £0.

🤟 When is this launching?

Very soon! Soon as in September 2019. Sign up on our email list to be the first to find out.


Security and Privacy

⚡️ Security: we use 256 bit data encryption to keep your data secure at all times.

⚡️ Privacy: we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and don’t sell your data.

⚡️ Regulation: we are licensed as an E-money Agent, with FCA registration number 902176.