Borrowing money used to be hell.

Now it isn’t.


Control the money you borrow and when you get it. No guess work. No finger-crossing.

Simply give a bit of money to get a Bit of money.


Bits is basic

Borrowing money with Bits is pretty easy. Put money in your free-to-use Pocket.

Need more money? Superpower that Pocket money with a Bit.

Just flick a switch.

Bits is privacy-first

We don’t sell your data to anyone.

We match your money with ours, so we don’t report anything back to any mystery third parties or agencies.

It’s your data and it stays that way.


With Bits there’s no ‘black box’

Do you understand how “credit” works? Neither do we. That’s why we’re skipping all that “credit” stuff.

Start with superpowers of 2:1 and as your reputation with us grows that 2:1 becomes 3:1 which becomes…

…well, you can figure out the rest.


Bits is 100% transparent

No weird charges. No complicated maths.

Just a simple, fixed, affordable monthly subscription when you borrow a Bit.

And no subscription when you don’t.

Bits is an app

I mean of course it’s an app. It’s 2019.

Simple, secure, on your phone, on demand.

It’s exactly what you’d expect with no surprises.