A new way to borrow

No interest. No hidden fees. Flick-of-switch, instant access to up to £500 cash.

⚡️ You can borrow cash up to 2x your account balance.

🎉 We don’t charge any interest or hidden fees.

🕵️‍♀️ We don’t sell your data or use credit agencies.

👏 Anyone who has money in their Pocket can borrow.


👌 Get cash

We give you cash. Deposited to your Pocket instantly. You can send it to any bank account in your name for no charge.

🕵️‍♀️ Pay back easily

Your borrowing is limited to 2x your Pocket balance, so you’re always in control and able to pay back without any stress.

👏 Instant approval

No long forms. No computer saying no. Just flick a switch and money appears instantly in your Pocket.

🤟 No interest

0% APR. Zero fees of any kind. Totally free for the next six months for founder-members


A daily-driver account with borrowing superpowers attached to it

⚡️ Pockets are free-to-use accounts that you can use to safely store money in

⚡️ Each Pocket comes with a unique ‘get paid’ URL that you can share online, in chat, and on Instagram

⚡️ Pockets are totally free to use and you can have as many as you want

⚡️ If you want, you can Superpower the money in your Pocket (borrow), up to 2x your Pocket balance.

⚡️ You start with Superpowers of 2:1 and pay back period up to 30 days, and over time these Superpowers grow.


Bits is solving the hell that is borrowing. One Bit at a time.

Borrowing money is usually a terrible experience, yet everyone needs to borrow money at some point in their lives. We want to change that and simply make borrowing more accessible.

It doesn’t matter who you are. Maybe you have no credit history. Maybe you don’t have a 3 year address history. Maybe you’re self employed and doing your own thing. Or maybe you’re just balancing different cards with different APRs with different payment terms. It doesn’t matter to us. At Bits we only care about the money you have. You secure that money to borrow more money if you need it. If you don’t need it, then the option is always there whenever you do.

If you do borrow money then Bits is simple to use, straightforward with no complex fees, terms or varied percentages. With in-app customer support 24/7 and custom notifications you’ll never need to worry about how much you’ve borrowed or if you’ve missed a payment.